6 steps to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace environment

It is the responsibility of each employer to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees. This means ensuring that employees use the right equipment, implementing safety procedures, and training staff on how to identify dangerous situations. While pointing towards fire escapes seems enough, it is not. That is why you should hire an occupational hygienist Brisbane firm if you want to step up to the plate.

Working with a confined space medical expert also creates a solution where everyone benefits. This step shows that you care for your staff while ensuring that they stay safe and secure as they work by removing any distractions likely to undermine productivity.

This quick read contains steps you must take to improve employee security in the workplace.

Conduct a work environment assessment

Assessing the environment includes making sure that electrical sockets are up to standards, installing safety catches to windows, and removing trip hazards. In some cases, simple fixes such as clearing exits are all that is required. As you inspect your work environment, make sure to include your alarm system, checking if their batteries need changing or even if the whole system needs an update. See more at Resile

Watch out for strange behaviours

As the employer, you should be aware of odd behaviours your employees are exhibiting. This might be caused by a personal problem they have or, they might be having difficulties with using their equipment. In this regard, you can conduct tests. For example, you can conduct fit testing Brisbane companies use if your employees are using respirator masks. Maybe their masks do not fit them well, affecting the way they work.

Train employees to be aware

For instance, if you are in the building industry, give your employees the appropriate training in terms of safety and health procedures. Enrolling employees, or managers and team leaders at the very least, in an occupational health course will improve everyone’s safety on site. Furthermore, hire the services of an occupational hygienist Brisbane companies trust to design and implement prevention strategies.

Create teams with designated leaders

At the very basic, each one of your employees should have fundamental knowledge on safety and health for the benefit of everyone in your company. If you have many employees, cluster them into teams with leaders responsible for coordination.

Some situations may cause panicking, miscommunication, and stress. So, you need individuals who remain calm and can make the right decisions when things go wrong. A confined space medical examination can also help you identify them.

Run drills

Drills are never fun for employees as they take them away from work. However, ensure that they are aware of all exits, how they should act, and where to stand. Also, you need to account for everyone once outside, and a practice run is a perfect way to remove any kinks in your emergency plan and reduce accidents and injuries.

Consult the experts

In case of anything, get in touch with lawyers and even involve the police if the situation requires them. As an employer, you do not want your business to be liable. By hiring an occupational hygienist Brisbane companies trust, like Resile, you can benefit from professional assistance, guidance, and opinion. For more details, visit their website at https://resile.com.au/occupational-hygiene/.